October 16, 2009

A great purge, with more to come.

Very little in life gives me as much joy as getting rid of things.

The photo above is a testament to that. Inside what must be 20 heavy-duty garbage bags are old Christmas cards, files, old receipts and manuals for things we no longer even own, bookkeeping for my old company, work journals, calendars, etc etc etc.

I went through the basement and was vigilant. I didn't stop to reminisce or look at old Christmas cards. I did not pass go and I did not collect $200.

However, in spite of my haste, I found a few curious surprises that made me happy:

1. A letter from my sister Patti from 1991. Remember the days we used to communicate by letter?!! Love that!

2. A letter from Aunt Helen from the summer of 1992. In the letter, she complains of hot summer temperatures. She also wishes she could do my brother's laundry for him ("his shirts are never ironed," she laments). That made me smile. I must have inherited her laundry gene.

3. My maternal grandfather's birth certificate: Herbert Erikson Hellstrom, born on December 10, 1894, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I never knew him; he died way before I was born.

4. My birth/labor record from when Charlie was born. It all came back to me.

I saved all of the above.

They won't take up that much room.


Debra said...

Lovely that you found those special things amid all the trash. Thanks for sharing!

pudelflicka said...

Ja det är bra att rensa till och från. Vad trevligt att din syster köper huset och att ni bor kvar i området. Vi tänker också på att byta boende men vi vet inte riktigt vad vi ska göra. Vi har bott här nu i 10 år till sommaren. Vi köpte det 1999. Tänk vad tiden rusar i väg. Carl Axel blir klar sjuksköterska nu till jul och Christian jobbar med Anna Lena och säljer ut Apoteket.
Pål får sin Norska orden på fredag och då blir det lunch på Norska Ambassaden och på kvällen ska vi ha middag här hemma. Känner mig lite stressad men det blir nog bra.
Hälsa Ulf och Charlie
Kram Hedvig

Amy's blog said...

I bet that's a great feeling, not only to purge but to find treasures among the trash. I just hope you RECYCLED as much as you could!

Tati said...

Oh by the way the jacket for my post is my moms. she got it on super sale a few years ago at ralph lauren.
I hope when you were going through ur materials that you saved some for me to buy at the yard sale! Don't you feel great getting rid of stuff? My mom and I went through all of our old halloween stuff and gave most of it away to charity (and the gift bags at sandys party were all the stuff from halloween we have had over the years but SHHH!) anyways we need to play tennis SOON I havn't played since the summer AHHHH
i need to get back into it on the weekends!