January 27, 2010

Am i blue?

Not really. Or not on this spectacular day, last Saturday, when I decided that the it was too lovely to stay inside and organize or do laundry or some other menial weekend task. The temps were quite cool but the sun was warming.

I ventured outside with my camera, three boys, one dog and a frisbee. We played, I warmed up and I decided on the spot to do a study of my lovely blue gloves in varoius milieux. Those blue gloves (which I bought on super sale a couple of winters ago) are such a glaring contrast to the muted colors that are so pervasive this time of year.

I'm posting the result below.

I'd like to do a shout-out to Tati at Sticky Notes and also the gals at Material Evidence, whose shoots I find so inspiring!

I was trying to find a way to shoot Sandy the dog with my gloves, and sticking them in her collar was all I came up with. You'll see further down that Sandy herself found another way to solve that one!

Let the gloves fall where they may.

Bricks and gloves

Me and my beloved gloves

In the air!

Tree hugger!

She wouldn't give it up!

Garden gnome with gloves

Gloves at the graveyard.

Gloves with straw

Gloves with our snazzy Gladwyne fire hydrant.

January 26, 2010

Cookies for my colleagues!

Ever since I was little, I've loved to pretend I am the host of a cooking show. I explain to my make-believe tv audience exactly what I'm doing when I'm cooking and describe each step of a recipe. Growing up, I was completely inspired by Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet!

The company I work for just held a video contest and I decided to enter. We were supposed to show "how our Electrolux is one Electrolux" in commemoration of the company's 90th anniversary. The company also just launched some core values and is pretty geeked about it.

What better way to celebrate than to make cookies and serve them to all 50,000 of my colleagues around the world (food being, I'm convinced, the one and only international language)? I wanted to finally get my TV chef career going... give the film a kitchy feel, make it feel friendly and silly, but still sincere.

I had a 30-second time limit. You can only imagine the footage I had to leave on the floor of the editing room. (I now have oodles of newfound sympathy for film directors whose movies are a tad too long.)

I used a Flip to film and my Mac to edit. I was such a fun project. Can't wait to do more!

Here's a link if you'd rather watch on YouTube.

January 23, 2010

Everyone's talking 'bout Avatar

We saw this movie with a double whammy: in 3d and in an Imax theatre. Visually, it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It's a shame James Cameron didn't work more on the story, which was predictable and a bit lame, especially towards the end. Still, it is stunning and well worth seeing.

I got a real kick out of the 3d glasses* we all had to wear. They were orange (and I might add a bit uncomfortable). When I looked to my left I had to chuckle at the conformity.

I tried to snap a few photos (Charlie kept telling me to stop so I had to). Try clicking the photo to see it larger, i am not sure if that works.

It's eerie, isn't it?

*I asked about the glasses. They are reused and washed after each show. If anyone cares.

January 22, 2010

Who knew food shopping could be this good?

I have been watching for the opening of the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting (it's right where the old Ikea used to be), and heard through the grapevine it was finally open, after many delays.

One caveat before I get started: It's not cheap. But with oodles and oodles of amazing details, this Whole Foods is THE place to shop!

The executives and store planners must have done a lot of brainstorming about what consumers might want in a supermarket. They came up with some great ideas.

Gourmet pizza by the slice (and whole of course). This is made in a real fire oven on site. Everything is done here, fresh. They also have a hamburger bar and cute little boxes to take them home in. Plus fries... Micky dee move over. (Hey, it's a little on the junky side for me but still it's a great idea.)

The olive bar is endless, protected by a cover of course and very fresh.

Pasta to go. They make it right there (to order) in front of your eyes. It is mesmerizing to watch.

Fresh flowers and plants. These lovely hydrangeas were only $7.99. I bought one and will plant it outside in the yard when it gets warmer.

Lovely orchids in clay pots, specially priced at 2 for $15.00. I resisted the temptation to buy them but might go back and get some.

OK... a supermarket with a wine bar, now they've thought of everything. Even in strictest Pennsylvania, a way to sell wine by the glass. They also have their own beer bottling machine so you can buy beer in a reusable bottle. (I'm going to stick to the wine). Alongside, there is a cafe (you can take your food into the winebar), and they also have free peanuts.

The beer.

Someone said there is a roof terrace café, which might be true but I doubt it is open. There is lots of parking (including a warm garage) and the people were super friendly. I guess they are happy to have jobs!

Whole foods, I'll be back!

January 3, 2010

December & Christmas: check

Like a whirlwind, December has come and gone. I've been busy... The best things about the month have been:
- having time to spend with some of my favorite people in the world
- celebrating the birthdays of Cathy and Charlie
- making cookies
- the amazing snowstorm that delivered more than a foot of snow (all traces of which are now gone)
- being settled in our new place
More later!