January 22, 2010

Who knew food shopping could be this good?

I have been watching for the opening of the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting (it's right where the old Ikea used to be), and heard through the grapevine it was finally open, after many delays.

One caveat before I get started: It's not cheap. But with oodles and oodles of amazing details, this Whole Foods is THE place to shop!

The executives and store planners must have done a lot of brainstorming about what consumers might want in a supermarket. They came up with some great ideas.

Gourmet pizza by the slice (and whole of course). This is made in a real fire oven on site. Everything is done here, fresh. They also have a hamburger bar and cute little boxes to take them home in. Plus fries... Micky dee move over. (Hey, it's a little on the junky side for me but still it's a great idea.)

The olive bar is endless, protected by a cover of course and very fresh.

Pasta to go. They make it right there (to order) in front of your eyes. It is mesmerizing to watch.

Fresh flowers and plants. These lovely hydrangeas were only $7.99. I bought one and will plant it outside in the yard when it gets warmer.

Lovely orchids in clay pots, specially priced at 2 for $15.00. I resisted the temptation to buy them but might go back and get some.

OK... a supermarket with a wine bar, now they've thought of everything. Even in strictest Pennsylvania, a way to sell wine by the glass. They also have their own beer bottling machine so you can buy beer in a reusable bottle. (I'm going to stick to the wine). Alongside, there is a cafe (you can take your food into the winebar), and they also have free peanuts.

The beer.

Someone said there is a roof terrace café, which might be true but I doubt it is open. There is lots of parking (including a warm garage) and the people were super friendly. I guess they are happy to have jobs!

Whole foods, I'll be back!


susan said...

you're killing me.

and what happened to ikea?? that must be a huge grocery store if it fills the whole footprint. did they close that ikea (the 1st on in the us i think) when the DE Ave one opened?

Ulf Akerblom said...

Make sure you have company next time you go. Me. Capiche?

susie said...

sus. you are killing me! they built a completely new ikea in conshy. we are lucky to have it so close and we buy lots of food there, especially sill and saft... they tore down the first US ikea, the one that was next to the PM mall. tore it down completely. the new Whole Foods rests on that land, completely rebuilt, so not the same footprint.

Bucky said...

In Seattle, we used to refer to it as "Whole Paycheck." Love this store. The one in South Carolina does not have wine by the glass....

Anonymous said...

Who needs dinner and a movie anymore? I've got to hurry over!
Liszt-loving pooch

Amy's blog said...

Salivating with envy. Wine by the glass in the supermarket?? Those gorgeous flowers?? I have to content myself here in Malta with Carmelo, the fruit and veg man, who comes with his van three times a week, parks it across from our building, and always has fresh, delicious and cheap produce. As much as a Whole Foods emporium tempts me, I like the way I shop here. There's the fishmonger with his van four mornings a week on the High Street, the butcher shop. Women walk around here with baskets over their arms. And the bakeries! If you happen to pass one early in the morning, oh, the smell of that rising yeast and fresh loaves. I also learned recently that on Sunday mornings Maltese women take their prepared dishes of timpana (a type of lasagna) or chicken, and bring it to the bakeries for the baker to cook to perfection for them in his big oven. Then they collect it later to serve for the traditional Sunday family lunch. Old fashioned and charming, don't you think?
Happy shopping, Suze!