November 30, 2009


Here is my little list of things I am most thankful for right now.

1. My family & friends & the amazing people in my life
2. Our new home and new situation, which has invigorated me.
3. Inspiration & art, color & fabric, pens & paper, the printed word.
4. Music & singing, and the joy, sadness & emotion it brings me.
5. Books & podcasts & bloggers.
6. My kitty, who finally seems to love me back now that we live in our new place. (I have no idea why, but she is by my side nearly all the time!)
7. My job, which I love, which keeps me busy, learning & thinking.
8. Food and the health and happiness it brings.
9. Love, because there is so much of it in my life.
10. God, because God is here among us, believe me.

November 17, 2009

A tribute to another listmaker

I'm alive!

It's been a busy three weeks and I have much fodder for blogging in the coming month.

Right now, I'd like to pay homage to Craig's List, a fantastic little website that has been a close companion through my move. It's a place for buying, selling, bartering, giving away stuff and so much more! (It's a lot like Sweden's Blocket).

Before getting to know this website, I imagined it was some seedy place for prowlers and criminals. Oh, how wrong I was!

I met the nicest people! Honest, respectable world citizens. We had to sell our beautiful solid oak desk. Jeff came over to look at it and loved it as much as we always have. He said, "Man, I just hate buying new furniture." (I wanted to tell him I hate buying new anything, but held back.)

Brian came over with his dad to buy my fridge... He didn't even try to get a lower price.

Ron and Karen came over to buy our drop leaf table. They loved our style! They walked around the house asking if this was for sale or that was for sale. I ended up selling them a whole bunch of stuff. They wrote to me afterwards and told me how much they loved everything.

We had a bunch of old scrap metal to get rid of, including an old iron radiator. We called WE GOT JUNK and asked them to come get it. (They will come and get anything and haul it away but it's quite expensive.) The night before they were to come get it, I got the idea to offer it free on Craig's list. I had such a response! The following morning I cancelled WE GOT JUNK and let Bill from Chester come and get all the metal. He took everything, and was especially happy to get some books and games for his kids. I even threw in some size 9 shoes and boots; he said his wife was a size 9. It made me so happy!

I'm rambling.

I'm trying to sell my headboard on Craig's List right now, but no one seems to want it. Craig, don't fail me now!

Here's the drop leaf table we sold.