September 27, 2009

In between

I haven't been blogging so much lately, sorry!

I am in a state of flux........

We are moving in six weeks and we have a lot of things to sort out.

We're in between seasons, in this strange weather pattern when it's chilly one day and super warm the next.

I don't know whether to dress in summer clothes or winter ones.

Also, I just finished my book and don't know what to read next.

I need to buckle down and make some decisions. Need to get organized! Need to plan our garage sale!

I have so much to do! HELP!

Classic sign of autumn, these berries that appear on the yew bushes. When we were little we'd pick these and have wars throwing them at each other. Ew.

A few of us went to see the movie The September Issue today (about Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour--loved it by the way). Some came in flip-flops -- others in boots!

P.S. Guess what!?? I met a girl this weekend who's going to teach me letterpressing!!!!!!

September 16, 2009

Rock entrepreneurs

This is the sign that Charlie (12) and our neighbor Jake (13) made on Sunday afternoon. Then they set up shop right outside Jay's driveway, close to the street, and started rockin´ and rollin´. They were there for about an hour. Guess what? They made $10 each. (But they cannot spell!!)

This was taken during their rendition of "Hey Jude," with Jake on the drums and Charlie on the lead guitar and vocals.

Need. This. Now.

I was just curious this morning about whether or not the new calendars were out for next year and sailed on over to my favorite Swedish paper shops. Gosh Golly, they are here, yay! Now I cannot stop thinking about them.

Must devise strategy for holding one within my hands asap. This is my first choice (a6!).

You can see all the colors and styles here on the Ordning & Reda site. And check out Bookbinders too.

Oh, how my heart hurts!

September 8, 2009

I love a 7th grader

This is Charlie about to go to wait for bus 078, due to pick him up at 7:37 this morning. He is a brand new 7th grader, wearing a Van Halen t-shirt, sort of already too small for him, since he painted it himself earlier this summer out of an oldish t-shirt. He was in good spirits. He did not give me permission to walk him to the busstop (I didn't expect he'd say yes, but I had to ask)...

How they grow, these little critters. It seems just like yesterday ... well you know the drill.

September 3, 2009

Mostly feet

Almost the end of summer. School starts next week and we return to routine. Nice, in a way. But I will sadly miss the serendipity of summer, when spontaneity reigns and anything can happen.

I have a million things to do and several parallel lists going. It doesn't seem to calm me.

Some feet photos from my adventures this summer. More photos to come!

A lovely dalmatian we met on "the Vinyood"

Tati and Marina: Martha's Vineyard

Franz, Ginger, Carlos: Avalon

Hello Kitty in the Sand: Martha's Vineyard

Ellen: Harriton House

A clever boy makes a new fad for Crocs: Harriton House

Jean, relaxed: Gladwyne

Franz, Ulf: Martha's Vineyard


My bad: Gladwyne

Me, Audrey: Avalon

Same as above!

Nina: Avalon

Me: Avalon

Misc: Avalon

Charlie: Martha's Vineyard

My remnants: Shakespeare festival, Delaware

Tris, Charlie: Martha's Vineyard

Ulf: Martha's Vineyard

Ferry Ride: Providence

Citizens and Police: Martha's Vineyard

Tris, Charlie, Me: Avalon

Charlie: Avalon

Tris: Martha's Vineyard

Unknown crab: Martha's Vineyard

Me: Martha's Vineyard