December 31, 2012

Crafty new year!

I keep thinking how much I miss blogging. It has come to feel so un-modern in some way, what with the rise of Instagram, FB and Twitter. Factor in the sheer lack of time and you get something that hasn't been updated in many months. However, I do check in to this blog now and again, and I must say I love having record of the things I've done and the photos I've taken over the past two years or so. I've never been much for keeping a diary or journal; this is the closest I've ever come. 

And so - without wanting to draw a crowd or much fanfare at all - is a post:

I had my nieces over this week for a craft session and sleepover! We got started a bit late but we nevertheless worked very hard on sketching. I also introduced the girls to Neocolors (which goes on like crayon but you can add water and make a watercolor!). 

The girls are really growing up, and it's fun to spend time around them. CJ said at one point, "I think we're getting to know each other tonight," a comment that made me both happy and edgy at the same time. 

Sophia and Grace were very focused, while CJ got bored and lost her steam after a while. She suggested a game of Taboo. That was a barrel of laughs. Girlies, crafting and game night: who could ask for anything more?

Below is our "gallery." 

CJ's masterpiece, which she was not at all happy with. She did a great job on the zipper!

Grace loved drawing people! Cuteness! (BTW the yellow garment on the dwarf is an apron, not a diaper.)

These are my animals, with my signature kitty on the top right.

Sophia drew an Italian café....

.... but was most proud of the panda bears. She really worked hard and did a beautiful job.

Group photo

January 29, 2012

Two girls that I loved passed this week.

My sister's dog, Maggie. This yellow lab bady was so lovely. Such a heart and soul. She'd been sick. I took this shot in 2006 when she was still an almost puppy. She was gentle. Patient. Kind. Mags, we'll miss you. 

Nina. This little golden retriever loved her ball and the sea more than anything. She was the sweetest and gentle and full of grace. 

I hope that Maggie and Nina get to be friends in doggie heaven. These two fine ladies never met in real life.