April 27, 2011

Inspired by my friend Tony's artist studio on a sunny Sunday in springtime

My friend Tony is an amazing artist, and I always enjoy spending time with him. I got the chance to visit his studio one sunny Sunday and I was so completely inspired. 

I'm pretty sure this is organized chaos.

And this. The view blows me away!

Tony's wife, the beautiful Ari

I have always wanted one of these half doors. 

An old photo Tony keeps close at hand, of his wife when the two of them first started dating. Love that!




The window (again!)

An old sink.

And, finally, Tony.

April 21, 2011

Wallpaper in Stockholm and an Hermès scarf

Just a few shots of cool wallpaper I happened upon in Stockholm, and one of these is an Hermès Scarf, it's not hard to see which one, I guess.

April 12, 2011

Hangin out in Stockholm

So fun to see old friends! A couple shots of the day Karolina and I did the rounds in Stockholm. We started with a latte (of course!) at Stureplan and ended the day at our favorite old hangout - the Salvation Army Shop in Ropsten (I'll show off what I thrifted later!)

Karo in the tunnel....

And me in the tunnel
Smelling the soaps in Gertrude, a very cool shop for bed and bath and home stuff.

What to do with your letters? Hang them up!

Love the cups on the wall and I'm nuts about these chairs!

An old-fashioned hair stylist shop in Hjorthagen, near the thrift shop.

Knocks my socks off

Through the years, I've passed this sculpture by Lars Erk Falk in Kungsholmen (Stockholm) and not really thought about it at all. However, when I encountered this massive structure sitting right outside my first hotel (I switched hotels after a week), I had the good fortune to really look at this piece.

I told my friend how much I was digging it and she said, "It's just a bunch of poles sticking out of the ground." I implored her to take a closer look, and she promised to do so. I've not heard back.

It's called "Tower of Colors" and it's so cleverly constructed. From one angle you'll swear it's bright orange and from another you'll swear it's royal blue. It's magnetic! It completely knocks my socks off!

Here's a quick tour:

April 1, 2011

Casual Friday

I love the way most Swedish men dress. This is what my colleague Jonas wore today. I joked with him that he belonged on the golf course. In truth it was very refreshing for the office. Pretty dishy.