April 12, 2011

Hangin out in Stockholm

So fun to see old friends! A couple shots of the day Karolina and I did the rounds in Stockholm. We started with a latte (of course!) at Stureplan and ended the day at our favorite old hangout - the Salvation Army Shop in Ropsten (I'll show off what I thrifted later!)

Karo in the tunnel....

And me in the tunnel
Smelling the soaps in Gertrude, a very cool shop for bed and bath and home stuff.

What to do with your letters? Hang them up!

Love the cups on the wall and I'm nuts about these chairs!

An old-fashioned hair stylist shop in Hjorthagen, near the thrift shop.


Amy's blog said...

Hi Susan, looks like you had a great time in Stockholm. Sorry not to have been there at the same time, would have been great. But as you know I am moving to Maryland in August so hope to see more of you in future. Hugs! Amy

jean said...

I'm jelly! Enjoy!