June 29, 2011

Two friends

Charlie and his longtime friend Oscar are together yet again this summer. I saw them both at Arlanda Airport the day they were going to set off for a two-week sojourn to the north of Sweden (with the midnight sun). It was good to see them together. They've been good friends for eight years. They are growing up so fast. I took the young photo in 2005. 

Charlie and Oscar, 2011

Charlie and Oscar, 2005

June 15, 2011

Beggar with one arm, a cat and a dog

I'm once again in Stockholm, where the number of beggars keeps going up and up every time I visit. People normally ignore them, once in a while someone throws a coin. But this guy I passed today was getting lots of attention and quite a few donations. I think it must have been the white sleeping kitty/resting dog combo. It was genuinely sweet. More on Sweden later.