August 19, 2010

It's all downhill!

Craig's List has been good to me.

This was so true last week when I answered an ad to buy a Schwinn Suburban for $50 in my own little village of Gladwyne. I owned a Schwinn Suburban when I was a teenager (mine was purple!) and ever since it was stolen (I was devastated) I've been looking to replace it. 

I replied to the Craig's List ad right away and hoped for the best. 

I was thrilled to receive a phone call an hour or two later from the seller. I made arrangements to see the bike. When we got there (Ulf came with me) we completely hit it off with the seller, who was soooo nice and turned out to have a Swedish wife. Small world!

I think the bike is from the late 1970s, very vintagy. I took it to get a tune-up and new tires, and I went to pick it up today. I rode it home from Ardmore, an easy ride as it was mostly downhill. However, the 10 gears helped me climb a long, steep hill without a problem. 

I love my new bike. Now all I need is a basket!

When we were growing up, Schwinn was a sign of quality. That's the only brand we ever wanted.

She's a beaut!

August 18, 2010

New York City, August 2010

It's always fun to visit NYC. Charlie and I went just for the afternoon and it was, as always, busy, bustling and lovely. 

A couple walking in front of us (Charlie said, "Mom, don't dare take their picture!")

We stopped in to browse in a vintage shop. I was taken by this 70's skirt....

.... and I loved this little outfit, which I could have worn to my prom!

We met our friends for dinner. They were visiting from Sweden.

Charlie on the subway

Activity at Times Square

Fun building

Go for pizza... or get your fortune told? Why choose?

Crocs are alive and well in NYC

August 17, 2010

So mo cation

Emma had this idea of doing a mini getaway with just the moms and the boys.

When Charlie and Tristan (Emma's son) heard that the moms wanted to do a "so-mo-cation" (short for son-mother vacation), where we would do whatever they wanted, they sort of guffawed in disbelief. "That means no outlet malls," they said, "no shopping at all." 

I guess they know us all too well. We promised no shopping.

We decided to take a few days in Ship Bottom, NJ, an old-fashioned sort of shore town with lots of charm. We spent a lot of time "together" doing different things. But we also played cards, walked on the beach and went out for lots of meals (did you know that 13-year-old boys are ALWAYS hungry?).

I'm sure the boys would have preferred not to have to suffer the nagging of mothers about sunscreen, hats, healthy meal choices, etc., but I think they enjoyed themselves. The moms definitely had a great time, as always! 

Here are some photos, I hope not too many!

Long evening shadows. We had showers in the afternoon and towards evening took a walk to the beach.

The so's .....

and the mo's.

Me and Charlie

Emma and Tristan

Tristan carries Charlie

At the bay

Group pic, getting ice cream

We happened upon this vintage auto show.