August 18, 2010

New York City, August 2010

It's always fun to visit NYC. Charlie and I went just for the afternoon and it was, as always, busy, bustling and lovely. 

A couple walking in front of us (Charlie said, "Mom, don't dare take their picture!")

We stopped in to browse in a vintage shop. I was taken by this 70's skirt....

.... and I loved this little outfit, which I could have worn to my prom!

We met our friends for dinner. They were visiting from Sweden.

Charlie on the subway

Activity at Times Square

Fun building

Go for pizza... or get your fortune told? Why choose?

Crocs are alive and well in NYC


hmw said...

looks fun. what vintage shop were the pics taken in?

pudelflicka said...

Känns som jag också var med!
Kram Hedvig

jean said...

Did you get the cool skirt??? WOW! Charlie is soooooo tall!!!!