February 6, 2011

An icy patch

I think I might have promised myself not to show any pictures of winter this year. "Oh no," I thought, "I'll leave the winter weather to the other bloggers. I'll stick to summer."

Keep in mind I was so busy this summer I barely had time to blog and share everything, so I assumed I'd have loads of material to keep me busy. And that holds true.

But then winter happened. At first I was determined to ignore it. However, that got harder and harder with each winter storm. And there have been so many.

Then, last week, winter came in earnest. The ice storm came. The horrible, cur-sed (that's two syllables!!) ice storm. Snow, while I don't love it, is soft and fluffy. Ice, however, is something else. Ice is hostile.

I donned my rubber boots and slicker and ventured out. It was, ironically, actually breathtakingly beautiful. So I documented it, and here are my photos.

It makes me want spring to come even more.

None other than classic Swedish Tretorn!

Street's completely empty. School's cancelled. 

This is the prettiest tree, and it's in the cemetery next to my house! I know that would creep some people out, but I love it living next to a cemetery. The cemetery is funnily called Odd Fellows Cemetery.

No one's home