April 29, 2010

Horsing around

I went to the riding stables last week in Conshohocken with my sister my neice Sophia, who has adored horses practically since the day she was born. She starting riding when she was four. And it shows.

She can gallop, cantor and even jump! On this particular day, she rode Mr Chips. I snapped a few pictures; it was fun with a complete change of scenery. I really enjoyed watching Sophia ride and visiting the stables. She'll be nine next week. So happy early birthday to her!


The dogs are a mainstay
Exhausted. And a little sad.
Lucky finds.

No sign of chickens except the eggs.

Goodbye, Mr Chips!

April 26, 2010

A little vintage adventure

Last weekend, or maybe the weekend before, Emma and I hit a few church charity sales that were incredible. I got an amazing royal blue and white Bob Buchand for Sam Friedlander silk gown, very Jackie O with a big bow in the front. I got a 90's sequined black gown, a pretty modern Laundry by Shelli Segal red silk gown, and an outrageous kelly green 80's gown with a matching shawl. I plan to show them all later. Where o where shall I wear all my new gowns?

The next day, Tati called me and asked if I wanted to go to Vintage Connection in the city, so we took a drive on down. Tati got an amazing 1970's chiffon flowy gown which I am guessing she's going to feature on her blog soon. I picked up a little book about vintage fashion -- it's a nifty little guide to a whole bunch of stuff.

Heather (below) owns Vintage Connection and she has a lot of neat stuff from a few different decades. Not too expensive either. She blogs at Oh my, Miss Eliouse (cute name!).

Heather in front of her favorite rack.

Tati outside at 9th and Bambridge.

My new little book

Here's another shop we went to (photo is courtesy of Google Maps) called Yesterday's Treasures. The woman inside was nice. I didn't get her details. The shop was more of a consignment shop. Lots of stuff, but hard to get a feel for everything.

Stay tuned for more vintage finds!

April 20, 2010

Cheese and grapes!

I helped a friend make these appetizers for a dinner she was having. Beautiful seedless red grapes stuffed with blue cheese (I think we used Stilton). They were easy to make once I figured out what tool to use to scoop out the grape innards. So pretty!

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April 9, 2010

Pigtails session 1

I love everything about this photo. But especially the pigtails.

And here is me in mine, April 2010.

More piggies to come (thus the title of this post!)

April 7, 2010

Studies in yellow

Look what I found down at Mill Creek the other day: thousands of wild daffodils with forsythia and the newly greening trees. Nature is ablaze right now.