September 22, 2011

My dreamcar is actually a bus!

Have always wanted to own one of these! It's a beauty! The owner was sweet enough to let me sit inside  it. He offered to let me drive it too but I didn't have time. 

September 19, 2011

Moving is awesome!

OK, I'm lying. Moving is clearly not awesome. However, we just moved with the most awesome movers ever.

I really enjoyed working for two days among these mid-latish 20-something fellows who all had amazingly slight frames. When you think of movers you think of big, burly guys, but these guys were downright slim! They worked hard, cheerfully, with such style and personality. The first day was the packing day, and they wrapped each item carefully and labelled the boxes so it was easy to find our stuff. As the boxes piled up, I realized I had not purged nearly enough in advance. I was thinking of nominating myself for the hoarders show.

The second day was moving day, and our chipper movers arrived bright and early, ready to work. They had this newfangled way of carry boxes. Instead of lifting them with their arms, they turned around and perched the boxes on their backs, piling them up! You can see how they did it here!

I asked them why they did it and they said some guy had come up with the concept and that it is actually a lot easier on the back plus there is no sight impediment, i.e., you can always see where you're going.

But the reason they were so awesome? Frankly, it's because to them, everything was awesome!

"Where would you like these boxes?"

"Um, upstairs in the bedroom."


"Where would you like this sideboard?"

"In the dining room."

"OK, Awesome."

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I've never heard the word "awesome" used so many times! Talk about word inflation!

In any case, here are some pictures of our fab movers and the state of our house the day after moving day. I'm happy to report that we're nearly finished with all our unpacking. It's looking pretty cute in here.

Stop by and see us in our new digs!!

These are the movers, they stayed for a beer when the move was over!

The kitchen, completely retro. Needs an update but I cannot think about it now.

Living room 

Dining room

Note that the kitty's taking it easy.

They left us cute notes on the boxes! 

And took the time to draw some pictures!