April 20, 2009

Ten things I am a sucker for*

1. Good harmonica playing
2. All white clothing, especially when worn with brown sandals.
3. Anything made from the fabric Modal(TM). It's light and heavy at the same time--and so soft!
4. Kitties
5. Sliced ripe tomatoes with salt
6. Chocolate covered peppermint (dark chocolate)
7. A good game of Boggle (or bridge or Scrabble)
8. Plexiglass things (thickly made and sleekly designed)
9. Paper and pens and colors and fabrics
10. Old black and white photographs.

*Being a sucker for something means that you wish time would stop when you are with it. 

A treat: Some black and white photos from my own personal collection (and one that does not belong here, of me playing the harmonica on a camping trip. I believe I was attempting Kumba Ya!)

I believe this is my maternal grandfather as a child with his mother and brother. It's funny that until I scanned this photo tonight I never realized there is a fourth person in this photo. See her? (Click on photo to enlarge). I have no idea who she could be. She is behind the boy on the right hand side. My grandfather was born in 1896, so if I am correct in believing it is him, this photo must be 100 years old! (Laundry runs in our family!)

This is my dad, all duded up for my Uncle Charlie's wedding.

This is Cathy and me; I think the photo is from 1964.

This is my mother as a young girl.

This is my mother as a small child. 

This is me, 'round the campfire, playing my harmonica while dying of smoke inhalation. 

April 15, 2009

Win some, lose some

But first: some of my favorite girls....

(Please note that some of my favorite girls are, sadly, missing!)

I made a full list yesterday of things I had to do. Some progress, yes. But not complete success.

- Got caught up on all my bookkeeping, to prepare for taxes, yet did not get them filed (got an extension, though!)

- Wrote many notes that were long overdue, yet did not yet get them in the mail.

- Cleaned out all my paperwork, yet desk is a still a complete mess.

- Finally dealt with all the laundry, yet the ironing is piling up!

Still, I'm feeling pretty good about it. And to celebrate... a yummy salad and the cutest Easter cupcakes ever (made my Tati!)

April 12, 2009

I'm back!

Six feeble excuses I've been absent from my blog:
1. I gave up blogging for lent?
2. The kitty ate my blog?
3. I lost my blog?
4. My blog was in the mail?
5. I was blogging at that other place, where were you?
6. I completely forgot to blog?

In any case, I am back. So I'll see you soon.

(The photos above are taken at Pennhurst, an abandoned mental institution we recently visited and trespassed upon! Very beautiful in an eerie sort of way.)