April 12, 2009

I'm back!

Six feeble excuses I've been absent from my blog:
1. I gave up blogging for lent?
2. The kitty ate my blog?
3. I lost my blog?
4. My blog was in the mail?
5. I was blogging at that other place, where were you?
6. I completely forgot to blog?

In any case, I am back. So I'll see you soon.

(The photos above are taken at Pennhurst, an abandoned mental institution we recently visited and trespassed upon! Very beautiful in an eerie sort of way.)


susan said...

is this the place that is up by the art institute? i think that is actually a prison so its probably not the same place, but something about it reminded me of the art museum place.

in other words - where is pennhusrt?

(ps - welcome back! we missed you!)

pudelflicka said...

Häftiga bilder!
Hoppas ni har haft en skön Påsk!
Monica var här på lunch i dag med pojkarna.
Jag har gjort i ordning foto/träningsstudio i källaren och det blir öppning på tisdag.http://www.balanceyourlife.se/
Margareta som jag tränar hos flyttar in i källaren. Hon kommer att vara där tre dagar i veckan 3 timmar per gång.
Kram Hedvig