April 15, 2009

Win some, lose some

But first: some of my favorite girls....

(Please note that some of my favorite girls are, sadly, missing!)

I made a full list yesterday of things I had to do. Some progress, yes. But not complete success.

- Got caught up on all my bookkeeping, to prepare for taxes, yet did not get them filed (got an extension, though!)

- Wrote many notes that were long overdue, yet did not yet get them in the mail.

- Cleaned out all my paperwork, yet desk is a still a complete mess.

- Finally dealt with all the laundry, yet the ironing is piling up!

Still, I'm feeling pretty good about it. And to celebrate... a yummy salad and the cutest Easter cupcakes ever (made my Tati!)


susan said...

looove this post! your girls (every last one of 'em!) are adorable. was cole down this weekend? she looks great! and those CUPCAKES!!!

Lexi said...

Haha. Last time I made cupcakes with Tati, we had to put TONS of icing on them to disguise how burnt they were.
But you know, that was mostly my fault. :)

emma said...

Hey Susan,
Your photos came out great!

Anonymous said...

Huh, did you actually make those amazing cupcakes. Well you and Tati (who's that?)that is.

Do love both the pix and the list but can't help thinking that you're having way too much fun w/out yr other favorite girls present. Eller hur Susan?
Ok, I know I'm selfish, but at least I admit it. Do I get some credit for self-awareness and for the fact that deep inside I'm glad that you're glad? Puss, B

susie said...

Dear Anonymous, You are one of the ones missing frm the pics, and you know it! I miss you so much! You always make me laugh. You get many points for self awareness but hey don't pretend you're not having fun without me!