April 12, 2011

Knocks my socks off

Through the years, I've passed this sculpture by Lars Erk Falk in Kungsholmen (Stockholm) and not really thought about it at all. However, when I encountered this massive structure sitting right outside my first hotel (I switched hotels after a week), I had the good fortune to really look at this piece.

I told my friend how much I was digging it and she said, "It's just a bunch of poles sticking out of the ground." I implored her to take a closer look, and she promised to do so. I've not heard back.

It's called "Tower of Colors" and it's so cleverly constructed. From one angle you'll swear it's bright orange and from another you'll swear it's royal blue. It's magnetic! It completely knocks my socks off!

Here's a quick tour:


pudelflicka said...

Den är fantastisk!
Kram Hedvig

Anonymous said...

So your friend took a closer look and agrees that the installment is interesting and a true example of clever engineering. She is however, still highly doubtful whether it warrents the title "work of art." Really what is art and what is everything else? Or is everything and anything just because the creator says so? Well, despite our very animated(!)discussion regarding this structure, I totally loved hang'n witchya! Kram, Barbara

heather said...

that's dedication... it is very cool.