September 3, 2009

Mostly feet

Almost the end of summer. School starts next week and we return to routine. Nice, in a way. But I will sadly miss the serendipity of summer, when spontaneity reigns and anything can happen.

I have a million things to do and several parallel lists going. It doesn't seem to calm me.

Some feet photos from my adventures this summer. More photos to come!

A lovely dalmatian we met on "the Vinyood"

Tati and Marina: Martha's Vineyard

Franz, Ginger, Carlos: Avalon

Hello Kitty in the Sand: Martha's Vineyard

Ellen: Harriton House

A clever boy makes a new fad for Crocs: Harriton House

Jean, relaxed: Gladwyne

Franz, Ulf: Martha's Vineyard


My bad: Gladwyne

Me, Audrey: Avalon

Same as above!

Nina: Avalon

Me: Avalon

Misc: Avalon

Charlie: Martha's Vineyard

My remnants: Shakespeare festival, Delaware

Tris, Charlie: Martha's Vineyard

Ulf: Martha's Vineyard

Ferry Ride: Providence

Citizens and Police: Martha's Vineyard

Tris, Charlie, Me: Avalon

Charlie: Avalon

Tris: Martha's Vineyard

Unknown crab: Martha's Vineyard

Me: Martha's Vineyard

1 comment:

Tati said...

I like the feet post!
I love the picture of your foot and Audreys foot imprinted in the sand. It's so pretty!