August 30, 2009

Grains, I'd like to learn more about thee!

I feel like cooking today. Have been browsing through recipes all morning and cannot decide what I want to make. Something sweet is always great but I'm trying to eat healthily after so much splurging. A compomise would be good: a healthy cake, does one exist? I read a muffin recipe calling for wheatberry, which I am pretty sure is not really a berry at all! I must learn more about grains and yummy ways to make them.

So here's a mental note to myself to (as soon as time permits) learn about (and cook with) more whole grains.

My study list so far:

dinkel (is it called spelt in English?)

Who wants to study with me?

This is a saad I made earlier this year featuring quinoa, apples, pecans and arugula. Yum.


Lexi said...

That quinoa salad looks really yum! I can't wait to see what else you make!

Sometimes when I bake, I substitute about a quarter of the flour with whole wheat flour, but I somehow don't think that's what you were talking about.

susan said...

looks deeelish!

we've been into the quinoa thing here as well. i've heard of the other things on your list but have no idea if some of them are available in sweden - wheatberries? buckwheat?

had pepparkakor last christmas made of spelt (dinkel) and they were actually way better than normal pepparkakor - crunchier. yum.

pudelflicka said...

Det är låter gott!
I sommar har jag gjord en god sallad på vattenmelon, svarta oliver, fetaost, lite sallad blandat i och rostade pinnjenötter med balsamvineger. Det passar till olika kött rätter eller bara lite saltat skinka.
Kram Hedvig