August 19, 2009

The best tennis dress ever

This is the cutest tennis dress; I'd wear it in a second if it really existed, especially if my legs were really that skinny! It's designed and drawn during a coffee date ("fika!") earlier this summer by my enormously talented friend Susan, visiting from Sweden. She doodled this sketch of me on a napkin in about 30 seconds. She is always dreaming up cute stuff. I wish she were here to have coffee with me every day! I wish she would start blogging so we could see what she's dreaming up next.

Back to me and this blog. I have many lists awaiting in my head to be blogged. I've been gone so long I think because I've been feeling sorry for myself. Lame, I know! Stay tuned!

And all those wanting to come to a sewing craft day, raise your hands please!


susan said...

hey i am officially famous - published on the internets.
you are so sweet. sorry about the body shape! had i realized it would be seen by the masses i would have made a better effort.

fika once a week at that cute place? a dream.

susan said...

as for the sewing day - imagine me sitting in the front row with my hand reaching for the ceiling yelping "ooh! ooh!".

Tati said...

i raised my hand!
I wanna sew!!
can i make that tennis dress for you? seriously though?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you can tell by a stick figure drawing whether or not someone is artistic. And indeed Susan is! I want to 1) join the weekly coffee clutch at that "cute place" and 2)be there for the sewing fun - even if I can't sew for beans. Miss you!!! Barb

Jean said...

How exciting about the sewing day! Wish I could be there - my girls would love it. They are doing arts & crafts as I write. Hope MV was fun. Will skype soon to chat! love, jean

susie said...

Susan: You have to come to our sew craft day, the day is Tuesday or Wed next week... We want it to be a rainy day!
Tati: you are on zipper training duty, ok?
Barb: we welcome newbies but you might be on snack duty. You could bake us something yummy.

lauren said...

omg--that is TOO FABULOUS! ♥ (& yes...i *totally* want to embroider something now!!!) :)

ps: had to stop and say thank you very much for the tip on "nurse jackie"! i keep seeing the trailers & it looks great; i work for a video store and i like to stock the pay-channel series'...they rent like i will get my chance to see it on dvd!

pss: if you like edie falco, you MUST watch the john sayles film "sunshine state"...she is WONDERFUL in that & completely different from her sopranos' role!

psss: had to laugh when i read your profile: i absolutely LOATHE beets. in ANY form. since childhood. they are one of the very VERY few foods i flatly refuse eat or even have in my house. blerrrrrrrrgh!!! :) (i have been known to over-react whilst driving, however; i hope that will not weigh heavily against me!)