August 2, 2009

20 reasons to treat yourself

These are my feet and those of my friend Debbie after our pedicures the other day. (Hers are on the left.) Debbie is the ultimate do-it-all woman. She manages her family, work and social life with the ease most of us just pray for--and makes it all look so natural. (But she is a true expert on work-life balance so I guess it would be odd if it were any other way. Read an recent article in Forbes where she is quoted giving sage advice to soon-to-be moms with a career).

She called me to see if I wanted to get a pedicure with her so we could catch up--we haven't seen each other in quite a while. She wanted/needed a pedicure before her trip to Amsterdam. She likes the idea of pairing something "necessary" with something social.

We sat side-by-side in our massage chairs and enjoyed an hour of chit-chat--what a treat!

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pudelflicka said...

Förstår att du tar hand om dig och njuter. Söt bild !
Kram Hedvig