August 29, 2009

Closing open leg pants

Ever since I got my open leg diaper pants from Cole (she bought them for me in Thailand) I have been wanting to make a pair. I call them diaper pants because you put them on kind of like you put on a diaper. They seemed so super easy. This was my big undertaking at our big sewing day the other day!

I used this cool 1960's plaid fabric in 100% polyester I found a while ago at a garage sale. When I began to cut the fabric, using the existing pants as a pattern, I realized I would not have enough fabric.

But I went on and made them anyway, and when I tried them on I was just revealing too much UPPER THIGH skin.

So I decided to stitch up the sides. It worked out fine. The give in the fabric means I could stitch up the sides almost all the way. I sewed the ribbon on the top of the fabric to use as ties, first in the back and then in the front.

It was a fun project but -- like all sewing projects -- was very time consuming. Still, I'm glad I did it. Other projects during the sewing day were pajama pants (Emma) and leggings (Tati). It was a productive day and I learned a lot. Tati taught me how to sew on a zipper (though I have not tried it yet).


jean said...

tres chic!! i am so impressed. love your bangs too - you like like you're 12 years old!!! miss you. love, jean

Debra said...

I think they look great!

susan said...

way to go! will you make more? love them.

and i agree with jean - you are rocking the bangs.


mo said...

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