September 8, 2009

I love a 7th grader

This is Charlie about to go to wait for bus 078, due to pick him up at 7:37 this morning. He is a brand new 7th grader, wearing a Van Halen t-shirt, sort of already too small for him, since he painted it himself earlier this summer out of an oldish t-shirt. He was in good spirits. He did not give me permission to walk him to the busstop (I didn't expect he'd say yes, but I had to ask)...

How they grow, these little critters. It seems just like yesterday ... well you know the drill.


pudelflicka said...

Vad stor Charlie har blivit. Tänk vad tiden rusar i väg !!!!
Kram Hedvig

Tati said...

Tristans wearing the same shirt today!
I missed my bus I hope Charlie didnt't!