January 3, 2010

December & Christmas: check

Like a whirlwind, December has come and gone. I've been busy... The best things about the month have been:
- having time to spend with some of my favorite people in the world
- celebrating the birthdays of Cathy and Charlie
- making cookies
- the amazing snowstorm that delivered more than a foot of snow (all traces of which are now gone)
- being settled in our new place
More later!


pudelflicka said...

Fina bilder Susan,
Gott å höra att ni alla mår bra. Vi har också haft en skön och lugn julhelg. Monica kommer på familjemiddag på onsdag då hon var sjuk på nyårsafton.
Kram från Hedvig

susan said...

love the pictures - and that you are posting again! and i cannot wait to see the new digs - looks SO cute! xx

jean said...

sounds like a great start to 2010!! miss you!!

Debbie said...

The Liszt-loving pooch says, Arf! I love Christmas too. My owners still have their lights up till Epiphany on the 6th, so I get to enjoy it 2 more days. Hope I get lots of liver treats for a Happy New Year! Kizmit

Tati said...

i loved eating those cookies!!
and i failed to ask how your christmas was? thanks for the pressy your thankyou card is being addressed to you this very moment im gonna send it in the mail asap :)

pudelflicka said...

Hej igen Susan,
Jo skulpturen står hos oss just nu men Monica hoppas hitta en köpare till den. Vi har inte råd att köpa den men den hade passat bra där de stora svarta krukorna står på framsidan av huset.
Allt är bra men Monica har mycket med galleriet och känner sig stressad.
Kram från Hedvig