January 26, 2010

Cookies for my colleagues!

Ever since I was little, I've loved to pretend I am the host of a cooking show. I explain to my make-believe tv audience exactly what I'm doing when I'm cooking and describe each step of a recipe. Growing up, I was completely inspired by Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet!

The company I work for just held a video contest and I decided to enter. We were supposed to show "how our Electrolux is one Electrolux" in commemoration of the company's 90th anniversary. The company also just launched some core values and is pretty geeked about it.

What better way to celebrate than to make cookies and serve them to all 50,000 of my colleagues around the world (food being, I'm convinced, the one and only international language)? I wanted to finally get my TV chef career going... give the film a kitchy feel, make it feel friendly and silly, but still sincere.

I had a 30-second time limit. You can only imagine the footage I had to leave on the floor of the editing room. (I now have oodles of newfound sympathy for film directors whose movies are a tad too long.)

I used a Flip to film and my Mac to edit. I was such a fun project. Can't wait to do more!

Here's a link if you'd rather watch on YouTube.


susan said...

looove this! you're so creative! what did you do with the cookies?

where can i vote for you to win?

susie said...

silly, i ate them up! Unfortunately someone else decides who wins.. (but I know I won't win! I did it for the fun!!).

pudelflicka said...

Vilken rolig film Susan.Vad du är duktig.
Kramar från Hedvig

Jean said...

Watch out julia! Loved it. Brava!!

Anonymous said...

very cute and very clever, Susan. It's very fun! (the Electrolux cookie was a nice bonus--could get you the prize! patti