January 23, 2010

Everyone's talking 'bout Avatar

We saw this movie with a double whammy: in 3d and in an Imax theatre. Visually, it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It's a shame James Cameron didn't work more on the story, which was predictable and a bit lame, especially towards the end. Still, it is stunning and well worth seeing.

I got a real kick out of the 3d glasses* we all had to wear. They were orange (and I might add a bit uncomfortable). When I looked to my left I had to chuckle at the conformity.

I tried to snap a few photos (Charlie kept telling me to stop so I had to). Try clicking the photo to see it larger, i am not sure if that works.

It's eerie, isn't it?

*I asked about the glasses. They are reused and washed after each show. If anyone cares.


pudelflicka said...

Christian och Carl Axel såg den i 3g också.Det var visst fantastiskt!
Kram Hedvig

Tati said...

love the new header and i love this picture. everyone looks like zombies and its so funny :)
and yes i have your lense cap i accidentally left it in my camera case
ill give it to you when i see you next

Anonymous said...

I've heard the plot is pretty lame, too! But then, so were parts of Titanic, and it was still an Affair to Remember!
Do you think they make 3-D glasses for canines?
Your silly friend,
the Liszt-loving pooch