October 4, 2009

weird thoughts i am having

I'm in Charlotte, NC, heading to Augusta, Georgia. But only for tomorrow. I'm back home soon.

Travelling brings the weirdness out in people!

A quick horrible list, don't hate me!

Things you should not be able to do while travelling:

1. Put nasal spray up your nose so everyone can see you. It's gross. (i swear this lady was doing this in the airport! And not in some little corner, way out in the open!)

2. Change your seat if you are obese! An obese person changed his seat and sat in front of me. He made so much noise and put his seat back and it was gross.

3. Pull out your McDonald's food when you get on the plane. It's gross. It smells gross.

4. Wear really tight outfits (men and women). It is never fun to travel when you are wearing tight clothes and no one wants to see it. It's tight and weird. And gross.

Wish i had some photos to show this weird trip.

This is America.

I love it. But it's sometimes gross.

more later.

xx. to all my readers.


Lexi said...

argh. Another bad thing-- a three hour bus ride to Penn State sitting next to a beardy college kid who is eating Arby's. Worst ever.


Tati said...

AWW susan im sorryyyy

Tati said...

Btw i did invite you to sandy's party! The entire family was welcome! I put one in your mail box, and charlie came!
ill send you some of the pictures they are so cute!
How was vacation?