October 22, 2009

Vintage movie posters... Love these!

I am sorting out the good from the bad among our possessions and came across these. I am hoping to sell them for a few dollars each at my upcoming moving sale (Nov. 7).

These are Swedish vintage movie posters (they are actually mounted on board) from the 1960's, probably considered racy at the time, although by today's standards they are laughable.

They are quite charming actually. So cool, I hate to part with them. But I must.

Any buyers out there? Five bucks a piece. Or best offer. (Click on each to enlarge!)

"Young desserter"

"White Slave Trade" (when boobs were really boobs)

Eva Bartok in "Call Madeleine" Love is my profession.

Francoise Arnoul in "White Slave Trade"

Narc police's secret agent

"The night person"

"Call Madeleine" Love is my profession

"Tank Attack"

"White Slave Trade"

"Narc police's secret agent"

1 comment:

susan said...

whoa. how have i missed these? i think i need to track down white slave trade movie. looks like a nail biter!
you could surely sell these for at least $5 on ebay but maybe that's more effort than you are up for... x