October 10, 2009

Stinkbugs stink ... and other closeups

It is stinkbug "season" around these parts. In case you never saw them before they look like prehistoric bugs with suits of armor. They live in trees in the summer but when the weather turns cooler they start coming inside for shelter. Mostly we see them outside our windows looking for ways to get inside. A few, unfortunately, succeed.

When we moved from Sweden a few years ago I was shocked to see this completely new bug. The brown stinkbug comes from Asia and only started living in Pennsylvania, NJ, Delaware, Virginia, etc about ten years ago. But they love it here, I can vouch for that.

They are harmless, really, but they are a nuisance. The reason they are called stinkbugs is that when you crush them or vacuum them they emit a pungent, unpleasant odor. So the best remedy is to lightly pick them up with a tissue and flush them down the toilet.

Once the winter comes the ones you haven't gotten rid of go into a sort of hibernation state. They keep very still and hide on/in your things. For example, pick a pen out of your pencil holder and you accidentally have a stinkbug in your hand. Screech. Gag. Yuck.

Happily, they are not known to reproduce indoors.

Here is everything you want to know about the stinkbug.


Anyway, as I was playing with my fake $15.00 macro, I took photos of things I love. It's hard to keep the focus on this cheapo lens, so sorry they are not so good. Can you guess what all of these are?


pudelflicka said...

Du är en kreativ fotograf Susan. Tycker vi också har sådana djur i trädgården men kanske inte samma typ.
Pål är på Våstkusten och fiskar hummer och i morgon ska vi fira Christians 26 års middag här hemma med hummer.
Trevlig helg från Hedvig

Anonymous said...

Ya, stinkbugs are totally yuck, but fascinating at the same time. Wonder if they go back to prehistoric times. So what's the thing that looks like a hairbrush made out of seaweed?

Was just thinking about you and then lo and behold - I got a notice of a blog update. The reason you were so fresh on my mind is that I just made some choc chip cookies. And while I was relishing in their soft, newly-baked chewiness, I remembered the itsy bitsy hard cookies you usually made. Ordinarily you have very good taste in food (as in everything else) but it's clear that in this department, you just don't seem to get it. Nobody wants homemade cookies to be hard. If we wanted hard cookies, we would just go to the local grocery store and buy Chips Ohoy or the like.

Oh, and I was going to make the delicious Neiman Marcus recipe, but didn't have any oatmeal at home. Instead I followed Mrs Field's recipe but replaced half the flour with whole wheat. That makes them pretty healthy,no? Do you think it's ok then that I eat double as many?

Btw, what's the etiquette here? Is a comment allowed to be longer than the blog post;) Barb

Tati said...

i HATE with a burning passion stink bugs! they are useless they dont eat mosquitos like spiders do, they just are there!! and they stink if you smush them. EWWWWWWW

jason said...

is their really a season of stink bugs? and if so, when would that be?