October 24, 2009

Another way to kill some time

Just a couple ways to waste time when you should actually be working, even though it is Saturday and you don't feel like it.

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

I found this on another blog and couldn't resist making one for our family.

This is also where I found the post on kittywigs, which is hilarious!

You can read more about their book and products here.

Here's to wasting time. I'm a firm believer in it!


susan said...

i looove this! how did you do it?


Jean said...

love it. will have to try the family thing - really cool. had a flea market in our town today - so much fun. totally thought of you the entire time.

Laura @ Shoot-Scoop said...

OMG. I absolutely love this! How adorable ;-)

Tati said...

i gave you awards
check my blog!