July 10, 2009


We are fa-mi-ly... I got all my sisters with me.

The problem is, I don't. One is in Guatemala learning Spanish and the other -- the birthday girl, my little sister Patti -- is at a beach house in Italy.


I wish she were here and could celebrate her birthday with us. I miss you so much, Patti-rish. Don't come back soon, come back now!!!

Happy birthday! I love you!

Visiting Lancaster county... Susan, Cathy, Patti.

Easter Sunday. Patti already looking quite the fashion plate.

An unfortunate bang-trimming, but still Patti is super cute.

Patti, mom, Susan, Freddie, at the Jersey shore.

Patti visiting me in Stockholm (we both had Dorothy Hammill haircuts!)

Patti's graduation day from Bucknell. From left: Cathy, Aunt Helen, Patti and Susan.

Susan and Patti looking very Talbotty. Talbots is off limits these days!

Stockholm, this time with Freddie.

Patti is so cute when she cracks up!

Last year, with Cathy (Cathy: we are NOT excluding you).


pudelflicka said...

Vilka härliga bilder på dig och dina systrar !
Kram Hedvig

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Susan!
What a wonderful gift!
Miss you!
Love, Patti

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Patti!
While viewing with the girls, they (especially Cynthia) said that Susie looks the best in every picture! did anyone else notice that?? I am sure it was not intentional. Hey Susan, did you get some of those pictures from the front of the Sisters book I gave you?
Thanks for including me and making such a nice blog for Patti!

Tati said...

in the fourth pic I like ur shoes! I have a pair just like them! It's funny how styles come back!