July 5, 2009

Kill your darlings

"Kill your darlings" is a term I learned in Sweden and I don't even know if it is used in this country. It is an editing term that means: no matter how much you might love your composition of words or your turn of phrases, sometimes you just have to delete them. I think of this often when I am editing my own texts. It's kind of healthy.

In any case, such were my thoughts this weekend when I "deleted" a number of garments from my current wardroble.

You all know about the one-year rule: if you haven't worn it in a year, throw it away. (I think this rule is too hard to live by strictly, but I use it as a guide). But when you have garments in your closet you haven't worn this decade, you know you have to get rid of them, no matter how much sentimental value they might have, no matter how soft they are, no matter how expensive they were, indeed, no matter how much you love them. I've posted pictures of a few of these items (mostly for posterity), but it's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are six bags of such things waiting to go to charity. I'll take them tomorrow.

A sampling:

Susan Wuest bought me this when she went to Iceland. It didn't fit me right but I've always loved it.

I inherited this from Olof and wore it a ton when I was preggo.

Ulf bought me this "Luciekofta," a traditional Norwegian sweater, when we visited Norway. I wore it twice. It's way too big and itchy as all get out.

This BCBG sweater is the cutest and such an cool fabric, a heavy knit but light too. I never wore it (too small!)

The only Dior garment I've ever owned, but seriously "Dior Dolls"? I got this from Patti but always felt so conspicuous when I wore it, which was about twice. The bag I got from Barb and I have since decided to keep it. Must wear it soon!

This is country&western goes chic. The fabric is so soft but I always felt too sparkly in this.

This is an old friend, my favorite cashmere sweater ever, a present from Ulf more than 10 years ago. It is now too big and holy (really needs an arm patch!)

I wore this top to Cathy&Andy's wedding (10 yrs ago) with a pair of black pants. That is hand embroidered silk, and it is lovely. Cole borrowed it for a wedding, too. It is too small now. The bag is a made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric, and I think one thing is I know is that I am not--no matter how hard I try--a Lilly Pulitzer kind of gal.

I screen-printed this myself but the image is way below my belly-button and it looks silly. It's an image of my niece CJ.

I discarded several bags. The one to the left is a Cynthia Rawley bag I found too floppy. The one to the right was hand-made for me out of an old pair of "mom" jeans.

Farewell my darlings!


Ulf Akerblom said...

Great blog, wifie. The bonus video is amazing. Too bad you missed the catch.

Anonymous said...

I too love your blog. As I do your handmedowns and can't bear the thought of your giving them away w/out having a chance to rummage through them first. Carly and I are still enjoying many of them to this day. We especially love that gorgeous tote bag from NK Ceannis and often fight over it;)

You must come back to Sweden so that I can continue to develop into the fashion vintage ikon I know I was meant to be. Puss, Barbara

Anonymous said...

I can't watch a snake and a mouse without thinking of "The Little Prince". I didn't exactly see a lump big enough to be a "hat", but maybe you have to wait a little bit...
I too want some of those hand me downs. I'll take the pink BCBG sweater if you still have it!