July 2, 2009

Organize jewelry - check (yay!)

I love the feeling you get when you can make a check mark next to something on your list, especially when that something has been on your list for a very very very long time. Such was the case with my jewelry, which I have been thinking about a good way to organize for years. The problem was -- as with everything you want to organize -- lack of space.

About a year ago, I scored a nifty jewelry box at a yard sale. I paid $5 for it, which I thought was steep at the time. But I realize now I got my money's worth, and then some. I finally made time to go through all my stuff, and it is worth a celebration. Not least because I found the pearl earrings given to me by an old boyfriend. I had been looking for them forever!

Back to The Box. While only about the size of a cigar box (actually it is about twice as high but the overall dimensions are cigar-boxy) it houses so much jewelry, because it is built on a roll-out system. No space is wasted.

Just look at the pics, it is never-ending!

1. Closed all the way.

2. First opening. There is quite a bit of space in that center compartment. But that's not the best part.

3. Second opening. You start to see the possibilities:

4. Then the sides continue to roll out and you have many different compartments. Below, only the one side.

5. Here, the other side:

6. Voila: the whole kit and caboodle! Whoa!

6. Close-up of some of the neat compartments. This is for rings but I used it mostly for earrings (most of these are garage sale earrings!):

7. Some other cute compartments:

If anyone wonders what this is called it is The Jewel Kit. I don't know if they still sell it at that link. But if I come across another one at a garage sale I am definitely going to buy a spare.

Now I have a bag of old jewelry to get rid of, mostly 80's style dangle earrings and other costumy pieces. Might take that to a jeweler to see if I can get any money!

P.S. If you are a burglar and you like the looks of my jewelry, don't even think about coming over to steal it. I always hide my jewelry box in a very clever spot. You will never find it!


susan said...

love this! funny that i have also just recently taken the jewelry bull by the horns and got organized. i have 2 of those bookbinders boxes with divider inserts. i even got my initials monogrammed discreetly on the front, and i love it.

your jewelry box is fantastic! (at any price!) it holds an unbelievable amount of stuff - aren't you newly inspired now to wear more of it? very fun. my mother has a sewing box much along the same lines that has a middle section and the sides fold out. clever.

Debra said...

You've inspired me to look for one of those Jewel Kits now.
Great photos, of Michigan, too!

Amy's blog said...

WOW! said my mom and I as we watched your photos reveal this jewel of a jewelry box. We are going to scour the ends of the earth for one now, thanks to your tip. Wear your bling bling in glory, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey - are some of those pins grandmom's? Glad you are organized. Please let the girls look through some of your jewelry before you get rid of it. They can't wear pierced earrings though. Thanks!