July 1, 2009

More Michigan (me waffle nest me me sign swan me-feet me me boat boat boat web sunset)

Only photos, mostly me.

Coming soon: my new jewelry box (well, new to me!)


pudelflicka said...

Ser ut att du har njutit på din semester. Vi hade hoppas att få besök av Ulf och Charlie men han har väl fullt upp.leardin
Kram Hedvig

Tati said...

the spider web is so pretty with the rain drops!

Lexi said...

this looks so fun! Especially the boats.

What kind of eggs were those? They were pretty adorable, whatever they were.

Ulf Akerblom said...

I miss you sooooooooo much

Anonymous said...

Nice waterskiing! Impressive!

susan said...

fun photos! looks like the perfect vacation. love the paddling the most!