June 23, 2009

This is Michigan...

I'm in Michigan visiting Cole and her family. They live in a house on a little lake called Lake Loch Erin (I swear it is really called that!). It's lovely here and I'm having a great time (although I am very much missing my own peeps).

What is Michigan? Here's a list, and then som pics!


Cole's sister Lindsey with new baby (cute!) Elijah


Steve (Cole's dad) doing his thing

You gotta paint your toenails!

Elijah and Lindsey


Yummy Marguritas

Asian Monkey Koroko

Egg yolks for making homemade ice cream, incredibly delish


On the deck


pudelflicka said...

Ser att du njuter av livet ensam.
I dag ska jag köra Monica till sjukhuset för hennes operation. Hämtar hem henne i morgon.
Kram Hedvig

susan said...

so so fun! give cole a biiig hug from me. and that first picture i totally thought was cole! i know you are having a great time. xxx

Ulf Akerblom said...

I know you are having fun. Say hi to everyone. When will I see pictures of you skiing? Ask Steve if he can take you on a sling. Like a ski dive.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Cole and her sister look so much alike!!

Tati said...

i hope you had fun! I haven't blogged in a while sorry im so late!! Cole and her sister look so alike...and im not surprised you brought tatoos (like you did in Florida) and that you played scrabble either

Lexi said...

Ah. That looks, for lack of a better word, SUPER FUN!! Glad you're back, though! Now I can show you some awesome footage of Max eating a mouse. I have some very nice pictures.