June 3, 2009

Busy busy busy summer

Yay, yay, yay! Summer is here. There are so many things I want to do this summer. Here is a random list. Like all of my lists, it is not yet complete.

1. Play tennis every day it is not raining

2. Go to at least one of these Twilight Concerts in Bryn Mawr (Steve Forbert will hopefully play a mean harmonica on July 11).

3. Go to see Shakespeare in the park (Debbie has promised to organize it).

4. Go see Arlen's play on July 25 (come one, come all!)

5. Get visits from the Walls, from Myles, from Susan, and others?

6. Throw an amazing party for my lovely Ulf in July.

7. Host at least two games nights!

8. Have a picnic at Chanticleer.

9. Compete in at least one bridge tournament.

10. Take care of our gardens (blog to be launched soon!)


Tati said...

i love summer!
I know it's your favorite time of the year, it's one of mine too...I just am a whole lot happier with SUN! The Shakespeare idea sounds like so much fun! Don't forget to add in a craft day, and just warning you I will be playing tennis some days with you guys =}

Lexi said...

Chanticleer! Picnics! Crafts! Game night! Oh my! I'm getting excited!

Shakespeare in the Park sounds awesome too. Do you bring picnics to that, too?

Tati said...

i also think we should start a book club or a running/photography group....any joiners?

susan said...

now that's my kind of list! fully endorse the craft day idea (you knew i would). and the concert series in bryn mawr is new to me. never heard of most of the performers, but my brother gave me a Cheryl Wheeler CD a few years ago and i really like it so that could be a good one to go to.

fun fun fun!

susie said...

Tati - most def crafty day, maybe we should do two - one centered on paper and the other on fabric?

Lexi - definitely picnic to Shakespeare, something nice and light!

Tati- was thinking it would be fun to take some photos in manayunk, we should do it. Sorry I cannot run but Charlie might be interested. he is doing track next year. Book club - i am game, pick a book! But maybe you didn't mean me for the bookclub. Movie group?

Sus - if you would plan your trip we will include you in the crafty day. we will have so much fun!

Debra said...

OK , Delaware Shakespeare Festival, here we come -- with picnic, wine, and FUN. Oh, btw, I think they have a craft table there on Sundays, so we can fit that in too! They're doing 12th Night this year. Here's the website: http://www.delshakes.org/
No tickets on sale yet.