February 27, 2009


I've come to the realization that the older I get the more I like surprises. I guess it's due to the fact that the older I get the less I happen upon surprises, maybe because I am weathered or because my life is all too predictable.

This delight over surprises is one of the things, I guess, that draws me toward the Garage Sale.

There is something so serendipitous about it. My friends who know I garage sale sometimes ask me what I'm looking for, and I answer, "I don't really know." And I don't! The truth is that I usually have my eye out for something that I like that doesn't cost a lot of money.... a surprise!

Take the last garage sale I went to, last weekend. It was actually an estate sale--the entire contents of the house was up for grabs. It was years and years of accumulated stuff.
The woman who had lived there (I try not to think about what's happened to the people who've abandoned their worldly possessions) was clearly a sewer (read that as a person who sews, not the pipes in streets where water goes).

She had many old sewing notions, zippers, fabric, snaps, buttons, hooks, books, etc, all of which were practically being given away. No one was interested in them, that is no one except me and Tati (who is Emma's daughter and my sidekick for the day). 

I am careful not to hoard, so I chose only two books of old patterns from the 1960's, one package of piping, one package of rick-rack, and two aprons. I spent $1.50, and these few possessions are among the things I love. The books are so inspirational and fascinating!

I did some scanning and am sharing some highlights; these books are from 1968.

The yellow onezie to the right is adorable. I would definitely wear that, maybe it should be in another color and maybe a tad bit longer. But I love the styling and love the gold chain belt. The other outfits are not my cup of tea but I am in deep love with the pink shoes which the gal to the farthest left is wearing. (I'd marry them.)

I am completely weak for a onezie. The fabric is so darned fun. Her hair is so adorable (it makes me want to get mine cut). I love her accessories. The shoes are To Die For, so darned cute! One thing that scares me though about this photo is: what in the world is this woman doing? Is she dancing? Who poses that way? Is she climbing over an invisible fence? Getting in the mood for a key party? Words fail me.
Do you love the flowered number to the left as much as I do? It is girly and mod and the tights and shoes go so well. It reminds me a little bit of some things I recenly saw in the Lilly Pulitzer line, but this is way cooler. I would wear the sunglasses in a heartbeat. (The girl to the right, admittedly, looks goofy, and what is with the way she's standing?)

Finally, let me just say that this woman looks beautiful. Refined, elegant, the dress looks like something Michele Obama might wear. I love the shoes. But what fascinates me most is The Hair.

Is it real? I want me an extension that looks like that! I'd wear it every day!
(Later on I'll take some photos of the aprons and post them! I have quite a collection! Uh-oh, am I hoarding??!)


Anonymous said...

you're KILLING me with the garage sale-ing! you mentioned the aprons before, but i didn't know about the notions - score!


Lexi said...

So fun! So pretty!

(you are in my kitchen as I write this. I am in my pj's!)