February 17, 2009

What's good about coming home from Florida to Philly in February?

We were all asking ourselves that question at the airport yesterday. I was trying really really really hard to think of positive things about coming home, with much difficulty. Then, as my day progressed, I got my answers!

1. Finding a birthday present outside our front door (two books from Susan W, one Anne Lamott book, Traveling Mercies, and one called Listography, which will provide fodder for my blog for a long time to come!) Thanks Suz!

2. Seeing my sissies and the whole family for dinner, and the wonderful meal made by Cathy for my birthday. Thanks Patti and Cath!

3. Worth a special mention: Getting one of the cutest cards ever made... from my neice Sophia... see picture at right and click on it to enlarge.

4. Seeing Findus, my little kitty. (She was, by the way, Very Rude to her lovely surrogate parents, not coming out for a single a cuddle or purr, only appearing at mealtimes or to Steal A Piece Of Fish not intended for feline consumption, very very bad kitty!) But we missed her while we were gone.

5. Sleeping in my own bed (simple pleasures are the best)

6. Being able to drink tea in the morning again.

So it's not so bad. Summer is soon here.... i think. Still. Florida was a blast and I can't wait to go back.

Me on a Sanibel Island beach, shelling.

Tati in hysterics..........

because Emma literally collapsed on the beach!

A bird was fishing (what kind of bird?)

The boys were shelling

Taking my dogs for a walk

Other beachcombers


Anonymous said...

from susan:
so so fun! honestly the very idea of florida right now seems so distant. the grey here is a little endless.

and that poem??? seriously the Best Gift Ever! go sofia! the poem itself = so clever and the illustrations??? this whole thing slays me.

ulfie said...

1 winter in fl is nice.
2 winter in philly is not so nice but short.
3 winter is stockholm is dark, cold and long. brrrr

pudelflicka said...

Det verkar som ni har haft det skönt på eran resa. Ja ni har jo nästan samma vinter hos er som vi har här och jag trodde du ville ha mera värme när ni flyttade tillbaks.
Vi hade en trevlig vernissagemiddag hos Monica och saknade er.
Kram Hedvig