February 23, 2009

Why it's better to watch the Oscars with girls rather than boys

  1. Girls are content to eat carrots and tomatos and nurse a glass of white wine, and don't need to tank up on Doritos
  2. Girls know the skinny on who's who, who's dating whom, who's out of rehab and who's just had a baby.
  3. Girls can discuss hair, gowns, shoes, boobs, make-up, etc until the cows come home and they do not shush you or roll your eyes or act like they don't care (because they do care, they really do!).
  4. Girls have crushes on the same boys you do.
  5. Girls do not change the channel during commercials to see the score of the hockey game.
  6. Girls do not fall asleep and snore so loudly you cannot hear the acceptance speeches.
  7. Girls are girly!


Anonymous said...

agree completely.

what did you think about SJP?


ulfie said...

1. A few not so nice insinuations.
2. You are right. Who cares about dresses.
3. Couldn't care less if Kalle Pettersson won an Oscar for best grip.
4. Agree on best supporting actor.
5. I missed a comment on all the beautiful boobs.
6. Etc.

susie said...

Suz, i was a little disappointed in SJP, I don't really know why. Was it her hair? What did you think? Does she have new boobs? Some thought yes but I am clueless when it comes to such matters.

Ulf, what do you think? You seem to have had your eyes on the bosoms all night long!

Anonymous said...

i thought her dress was 2 sizes too small. oh, and ugly. and i think her hair is too dark. in all - yuk.

susie said...

meow! take that sjp!

Lexi said...

Ha.... :)

pudelflicka said...

Jag tycker det var fascinerande att lyssna på hundarnas samtal och vissa saker var så otroligt personligt så det kan jag inte berätta.
Önskar er en skön helg.
Kram Hedvig