February 23, 2009

The shudda wons

After last night's Oscars, I wanted to publish my own list of who should have won in a couple of the categories.
  • Best actor: They chose Sean Penn; I chose Mickey Rourke, followed closely by Richard Jenkins. Mickey Rourke might look a bit distorted (um, mangled) these days, but he was absolutely amazing amazing amazing in The Wrestler. It was painful and moving to watch. I just found him fascinating. Richard Jenkins in The Visitor was stunning.. that was an excellent movie.

  • Best actress: They chose Kate Winslet; I choose Anne Hathaway.

  • Best supporting actor: They chose Heath Ledger; I choose Michael Shannon from Revolutionary Road (Kate was amazing in that!)

  • Best supporting actress: Those chose Penelope Cruz; I choose the same! (And I loved that Vicki Christina Barcelona, too!)
Best dressed women? Natalie Portman & Tina Fey; Tilda Swinton looked gorgy in an androgynous sort of way. The Fugly Girls say some funny things.


Anonymous said...

gosh have you seen all of the nominated performances? most of those movies haven't even gotten here yet.
i completely agree about natalie and tina fey. (weren't she and steve martin great together? they should host next time.) i also thought meryl and her daughter looked beautiful. kate looked beautiful despite a dress that didn't thrill me. (pretty but, meh)


susie said...

Suz, agree about Tina and Steve hosting, although I thought Wolverine did a good job! Actually my dream host would be Ben Stiller. BTW do you get 30 Rock there? Because there is an episode on which Steve Martin guest stars. (The Best Episode Ever was when Oprah was guest star!) My big confession is that I haven't seen all the movies but I've seen all the trailers, hahahaha. Just like coming to bookclub having read the jacket!!! hahahhahaha! I do feel very strongly about Mickey Rourke, though. There was an interview on Fresh Air with the director who said he didn't want to work with anyone else, even though Nicholas Cage was considered for the role at one point (Nick Cage's hair officially scares me). But I digress! Agree about mother and daughter Streep, they were so cute!