March 3, 2009


Isn't this so pretty?

I happened upon this amazing little web tool today when I was looking for an illustration for an article. Wordle takes your words and makes a collage. There are loads of settings for colors and fonts. I made a a few test collages with my favorite words. It's an incomplete list in no particular order and I'm probably forgetting a million of 'em. I'll do more later! Isn't this so cool?

Try it, it's free!
  • moxie
  • haberdashery
  • money
  • fluxy
  • girth
  • surprise
  • goofy
  • sweltering
  • whimsical
  • sibilant
  • missy
  • love
  • smooch
  • persnickety
  • snarky
  • sunnier
  • benign
  • dowse
  • lozenge
  • serendipity

Here are some more, I can't stop!


susan said...

there went my morning. loooove this.

susie said...

hi suz! i know! I was up way too late last night playing. send me some of yours! x.

ulfie said...

priceless. going to be one of the words in my creation

anna of sweden said...

Hej Susie!
Du var inne hos mig och lämnade en kommentar för längesedan. Sedan glömde jag att gå in på din blogg men nu är jag här! ;)

Vilket läckert ord-kollage!


Jean said...

That is the coolest thing! You're so creative. BTW, having a garage sale on March 21st! Wanna come?

Lexi said...

I love wordle! It's so addictive!