March 12, 2009

a few signs that it's spring!

1. The kitty is frantic, she wants to go out
2. Kids in the neighborhood play and shout
3. Plants in the yard are beginning to sprout
(they seem to know what it’s all about)

4. Students are wearing their sneakers and shorts
(A shedding of their fur, of sorts)
5. Everyone seems geared up for sports
6. And many are hogging the tennis courts!


And some photos of a recent trip to Ephrata, PA!

A local flea market had so much stuff ....

But oddly enough I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy

At a conference center ladies room, detailed instructions on How To Wash Your Hands. But there's no indication of what to do after "then...."

Such pretty sprinkles!


pudelflicka said...

Önskar er en skön helg.
På lördag ska Eva Sjöberg ha vernissage hos Monica och då blir det middag.
Kram Hedvig

Lexi said...

The purple wildflowers at my school bloomed on that really warm day.... But they have disappeared again.

Anonymous said...

So now you're a poet - you over-achiever you. Some people just don't know where to stop! But you know I totally love you anyway.

Susan and I are meeting tomorrow for aerobics and then yoga! Then we'll have a latte and gab. That's the sort of thing we'd be doing if you were here;)

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare says hi