July 13, 2010

Charlie & Alexander

We had Charlie's friend Alexander visiting us from Sweden for a few weeks. It was a pleasure to have him.
We went to the beach for a couple of days and even though the water was cold the boys loved the ocean swimming and trying to body surf (the waves were not that great). Most of these pictures are from the beach but we did a ton of stuff.

PS So sorry I have been neglecting my blog. I have oodles of things to post!



Smile if you like watermelon

Enjoying the kitties.

Another Saturday night. Alex bought real RAYBANS, apparently they are all the rage in Sweden.

Yes, those are eggs on my plate!
Sunday brunch, Alex had the strawberry waffles.

Charlie had the super duper breakfast, and ate every last crumb.

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pudelflicka said...

Vilken förfärlig olycka och häftigt att du hade med din kamera.
Fina bilder av killarna. Monica berättade att Charlie hade hälsat på henne här om dagen. Hoppas han hade haft några fina dagar i Stockholm.
Kram Hedvig