July 28, 2010

Craft day!

OMG, we did a craft day the other day and my normally organized space was turned into a chaotic mess! No matter, we all had fun and when everyone left I got down to sewing in earnest. I set out to make this Martha Stewart beach bag. I loved her idea of using a vintage tablecloth, but the last thing i want to do with my coveted collection of 1950-1960's tablecloths is cut them up! No way. So instead i used designer fabric remnants that I get from my secret place down in center city for absolutely free!!!

The kitties were very curious and all over the place, I guess wanting to help, play or cuddle. Sweetpea especially was all over the place!

The bag itself took longer than I wanted to make but i thought the instructions were a bit scant, and it took some time to figure out what went where. The next time I make it it will go faster, definitely. I will also use heavier material as my base because I think the chintz fabric I used wasn't quite stiff enough.

I gave the beach bag away to Sofia for her 14th birthday as she is soon going to Barcelona any day now and will likely be hitting the beach!

What a mess!!!! Sweetpea getting in the way.

Sweetpea cuddling in the fabric

The finished product!

Close up of the fabrics I used. I thought the match was pretty good even though the fabrics were very different. I think it worked.

Sofia on another beach...a real cutie!


susan said...

loove it! what did everyone do for crafting?

and you know i LOVE that FABRIC. like - swoon city. the bag is so so great!

Tati said...

very cute! That is a really nice picture of Sofia! You should put up more from that day we were all at the beach or email some to me!

pudelflicka said...

Härliga bilder Susan och vad duktig du är på att sy.
Kramar från Hedvig

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous bag! Cute cats ya got there too.

Thanks for consenting to be my friend. I'm hoping some of the creativity from my 2 Susans will rub off on me one of these days.

Debra said...

Hey the comment thing is working on my computer today -- yay! Wonderful post! I wish I could have been there, though I am all thumbs at crafts. Love the beach bag too -- can I order a pillow in the same fabric? (for my tush on the piano bench -- yes, suggested by my physical therapist to save the neck.) You could sell this stuff, Susan.

hmw said...

i love your place... more home pics, please!!