July 24, 2010

Day trip to Terrain

Finally, after so many months of wanting to go, I made my way to Terrain the other day and took some photos.  This relatively new shop, developed by the Urban Outfitter folks, is a cross between R.O.O.M (terrible website) and Rosendals Trädgård (nice website!). It felt very country Scandinavian. We spent time browsing and taking some pictures but didn't buy anything except a pair of rubber boots (Tretorn), which were on sale (of course)! Lovely products and great merchandising, but things are on the pricey side.

The restaurant was also lovely, great organic and local food. BYOB. They are open for dinner now. The restaurant seems very affordable.

Some great ideas here, especially if you're redecorating or looking for inspiration (or recently purchased an old country estate?)



I love a white pitcher.

For the restaurant

Lots of water features

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susan said...

Love Terrain! Have been there a few times (it's only about 10 mins from my mother's house and conveniently located across the street from Anthropologie!). Naturally I feel you wrote this post for my personal benefit! Hurrah for a country estate!

(ps - guess who sold her house yesterday? wheeee! a week before the open house!)