June 21, 2010

Summer solstice birthday wishes

Happy birthday to Cynthia Jane (CJ). My little neice is nine years old today. I've always thought it poignant that she was born on the solstice. It's as though she was destined to shine all day long. We celebrated her birthday last night. It was a beautiful warm evening. Cathy, my sis, made a lovely dinner and we ate outside at a long table, a la Swedish midsummer but we skipped the snapps and lewd songs.
Happy day, CJ. Don't grow up too fast!

CJ with her dad.

CJ with Aunt Susie

Maggie celebrates with a tennis ball.

Charlie with CJ in the background fixing cake and ice cream.

Cathy, my sis -- mom of CJ, reminding me of Aunt Helen in this photo.

This is Andy's mom. CJ is named for her two grandmothers: Cynthia (above), and Cathy's (and my) mother, whose name was Jane.

Ulfie with a magnolia flower.

Everyone at the table.


pudelflicka said...

Åh så härliga bilder!
Den första juli ska jag operera min tå.
Kram Hedvig

Annika said...

Looks like a nice birthday party! Very cute kids!