June 1, 2010

What to name the kitties?

We got two new kitties but cannnot agree on the names! We had names picked out almost immediately but then decided to wait to see what their personalities were like. Now we have too many choices and not enough cats.

The kitties are sisters and they are about 10 weeks old. They are cuteness itself.

The grey tiger one is shy but sweet. She is more cuddly than her sister but won't come right away. Once she is in your arms though she purrs with reckless abandon. She loves to climb and seems more physically agile than her sister.

Her name choices are as follows:
Franky (Francy, Frances)

Now the calico is always the one you see first, she emerges in the morning first, and cries for food the loudest. She is harder to settle. If you say "come and cuddle next to me," she's not sure she wants to be there. But she is also a very loud purrer.

Her name choices are:

The thing is, they have to go together. We could choose Missy and Poppy, cause they go together. But not Missy and Sissy.

Any suggestions? Preferences? Something we're not thinking of? Please hurry, the kitties need some names!!


Mary Angela Kane said...

Daisy and Roxie!

I just got a new puppy who was previously named Daisy. Bot my daughter, Meghan, changer her name to Roxie, Roxie Daisy sound so great!!

pudelflicka said...

Åh så söta de är! Svårt att hitta på namn tycker jag. Daisy och Dolly är jo söta namn!
Monica fyller år på tisdag och jag har bjudit över några konstnärskompisar så att vi kan fira henne med middag i växthuset.
Stor kram från Hedvig

Neil Henderson said...

From Neil
Tittle and Tattle
Bric and Brac
Pling and Plong
Ding and Dong
Mover and Shaker
Spick and Span
Nip and Tuck
P and Q
Fast and Furious
Lo and Behold
Rise and Shine
Sixes and Sevens
Kit and Caboodle
Hit and Miss
Short and Sweet
Beck and Call
Bubble and Squeak
Wild and Woolly
By and Large
Chalk and Cheese
Fair and Square
Kiss and Tell
Pussy and Cat
Lick and Promise

jean said...

Growing up, we had kitty sisters named Pushkin and Ezme! But going from your lists, I say Missy and Moxie Michini Akerblom!!! All the Walls agree.