May 22, 2010

In memory of Findus

We've been worried sick for days -- Findus has been missing. Today I made and hung some missing kitty signs around the neighborhood in a hunch that something had happened to her.

I got a call this afternoon from a neighbor who'd seen the sign and had some news. Apparently, another neighbor found our kitty in the middle of the road, freshly run over and already dead. The woman who found her was very upset. Not wanting to leave her in the middle of the street, she and the neighbor (the woman who called) picked her up and took her to the neighborhood vet.

I had not put her collar on, so no one knew to call us.

This was on Thursday, the first day she was missing.

Oddly enough, I'd hung one of the signs in front of the woman's house who'd helped Findus.

What can I say about this little softie fur bundle that I loved so much? She was persnickety, but somehow she fit into our family. She used to sit next to me as I worked, normally cuddled in a blanket. That is the part I will miss the most. The house feels so empty.

Our little girl will be sorely sorely missed.

Findus, rest in peace. Little kitty kisses go up to you in heaven!

(P.S. thank you to John and Isabella for helping me with the signs!)

Findus smiling in the sun

Relaxing (one of the things she did best!)

She always seemed to be expecting something (just like me!)

I loved it when she washed her little face. Here is a Christmas card I made one year, mimicking Findy keeping clean.


jean said...

We are thinking of you. I know you are so sad...we are too. She was a good friend and oh so lucky to have you. lots of love, jean and family

pudelflicka said...

Vad sorgligt! Förstår att det känns fruktansvärt. Man älskar dessa små djur så ohört mycket.
Tänker på er!
Stor varm kram från Hedvig och alla pudelflickorna

Debra said...

Oh, Susan, Tom and Lexi and I are so very sad for you. Findus was a beautiful kitty and we know she will be sorely missed. I'm so sorry. Love, Debbie

Nancy Bea Miller said...

So sorry to hear of your loss! She is in Cat Heaven now.

hmw said...

i'm thinking of you... this story is so upsetting. i can't imagine how this feels. all i can say is how sorry i am and you are in my thoughts.

susan said...

i'm just seeing this post now - missed it before somehow. and now the new girls are with you. you'll always miss sad about findus but im glad the girls will be there to help you look forward - they will be so much fun.

and i cannot even believe you drew that last picture. so great!