August 24, 2011


The second day of work back in late June, I wore my off-white blouse with the black blocking on top and cute visible zipper in back. My new colleague (and next-door work neighbor) Lori told me she had the same exact blouse. I made a vow there and then never to wear the shirt to work again.

Until earlier this week. Lori had an idea. "Let's pick a day and both wear our shirts," she said. "It'll be fun!"

Always game for a goofy challenge, I complied. Last night at the end of the day we reminded each other: "Tomorrow is our day!"

It was fun to see her this morning, she looked totally adorable. No one batted an eye until we decided to take a little stroll though the halls together around lunchtime. Some noticed; some didn't. It was a fun distraction to break up an otherwise doldrums sort of day.

Lori and Susie at work.


anna of sweden said...


Anonymous said...

Love it! You both look absolutely adorable. It reminds me of when I was little and my mother used to dress me and 3 of my sisters (the oldest refused)in matching outfits. We thought we were the cat's meow, and go loads of looks from passersby.

heather said...

cute shirt! where is it from?

Tatiana said...

so funny! LOVE IT!